2-IN-1 Electric Eyelash Curler Fast Heating Temperature Adjustable Eyelash Roller


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  • Power Source: Electric
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Item Type: Eyelash curler
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Chariging time: 1-2H
  • Feature1: Eyelash extension Curler
  • Feature2: Eyelash make up
  • Feature3: Eye Mascara
  • Feature4: Female makeup
350mah Features:

1. New design: This new electric eyelash curler combines the traditional eyelash curler and eyelash comb to better shape the eyelashes.

2. Intelligent temperature control gear: This electric eyelash curler uses the principle of temperature difference, high temperature softens, low temperature locks the curling, and lasts for 48 hours.

3. Preparation for 10 seconds: This electric eyelash curler is designed with a circular button and has a cool indicator light. It will quickly heat up to the required temperature in just 10 seconds.

4. Portable: This product is a lipstick-like design, high-end, lightweight. The small size is easy to carry, so you can make up your eyelashes anytime, anywhere.

5. Safety: The curved heated eyelash curler is very suitable for real and fake eyelashes. It is no exaggeration to say that it will not burn your skin at the highest temperature.

6.USB charging: The electric eyelash curler has the function of USB charging and recycling, which can save the cost of the battery (including the charging cable), pocket size, slim and light, easy to carry and use.

Material: ABS
Colour: Black
Input voltage: DC5V 1A
Working voltage: 3.7V
Power: 0.7W
Battery capacity: 350mAh
Working temperature: 60°-80°C (1st gear blue light 60 degrees, second gear red and blue light 70 degrees, third gear red light 80 degrees)
Charging time: about 1-2H
Product size: 15*1.8*2cm
Interface: Micro-USB interface

Package List:
1xeyelash curler
1xeyelash brush
1xUSB cable
1x instruction


280 mah Features:

1.The temperature have three-speed:high medium and low adjustment to meet different needs. Heats up within 1 min to the real temperatures.

2.Wide spacing comb teeth can heat eyelashes to finalize the design after applying mascara, eyelashes will become warped for a whole day., presenting dense electric eyes.

3.Heating sleeve guide groove design, fixed eyelash curling model, isolated the distance between the skin and the heating body, won’t hurt your skin or damage eyelashes.

4.The curved brush head perfectly fits the radian of eyelashes, and the curling effect is more obvious.

5.This automatic eyelash curler is powered by USB rechargeable function. It can work continuously for 40 min after full charge.



Material: ABS

Battery capacity: 280 mAh lithium battery

Charging time:2 hours

Use time: about 40min

Power: 1.2W

Charging voltage: 5V

Three modes: standard, gentle, pulse

Gear: three gear for low temperature: 45±5℃, blue light

The second gear is medium temperature: 55±5℃. yellow light

The second gear is medium temperature: 70±5℃, red light

Charging display: lights flash when charging, three full lights are on

Line length: 78 cm + 2 cm


Packing list:

Eyelash curler *1

USB power cord*1

Instruction *1




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